Veganic Farming: A Growing Movement for a Better World

Nassim Nobari

Nassim will share how to create a food system that is better for people, the animals and the planet, by building the movement for veganic farming and gardening. Veganic means farming without animal inputs (manure, blood and bone meal, etc.) Our corporate food system is at the root of many of today’s pressing social justice and environmental problems, and a strong global movement for small-scale, sustainable food systems has sprung in response. Nassim will discuss what veganic means, the importance of building a veganic movement, how vegans can help create this vision, and easy ways we can all get involved.

Nassim Nobari is the co-founder and executive director of Seed the Commons and the coordinator of the Working Group on Veganic Farming. As a social justice and food sovereignty activist, she has worked with radical community programs in Switzerland and the US and volunteered with Via Campesina in a dozen countries. With Seed the Commons, she strives to continue to help build a food system that works for farmers, workers and eaters, while promoting animal liberation instead of agricultural models based on animal exploitation.